1 kg Mixed Apples

1kg of Bananas 

6 clemenine's 

6 pears

500g Seedless grapes

1 head of broccoli 

500g of onions

4 baking potatoes

2kg Potatoes

500g carrots

1 savoy cabbage

3 mixed Peppers

6 Tomatoes

1 Cucumber 

1 Iceberg Lettuce

1 Celery 

250g Mushrooms

1x 2litre of milk (please select)

250g Slated/unsalted butter (please select)

1 Loaf of bread (please select)

1 pack of Pasta (please select)

1x 6 free range eggs


Items may be subject to availability* Suitable alternatives may be provided

Family Box

1x 2ltr of Milk (please Select)
250g Butter (select type of butter)
1x Hovis Bread (please select)
1x pack of Pasta (Please Select)

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